Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Monster/Unlimited Money) 3.7.0

Info Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Monster/Unlimited Money)

NameAnimal Revolt Battle Simulator
Version3.7.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked Monster/Unlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedFebruary 7, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Introduction to the game Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Challenge yourself in giant monster battles in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK. You will join the world of gigantic monsters whose power far exceeds that of humans. And in this world, you will witness the showdown between giant monsters. They will not succumb to any creature and will fight to find the strongest monster. You can also transform into those creatures and participate in strength challenges. Each monster will have a different ability to compete, and you must show that power. Control monsters to join the battle of power in the big monster world.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator android free

Enter the new world

You have entered a world of giant-looking creatures that you have never seen. This world is even more remarkable in your eyes when giant monsters constantly rush into each other. This is the world’s monster war to find the strongest creature in battle. And you can also go through the monster war by transforming into one of them. Each monster species will have different powers that you can discover while fighting. You will also find the strongest monster by challenging all the worlds. Find your favourite monsters and control them to battle inside the monster arena.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator mod free

Monster land

Finding large creatures inside the monster world would be an easy thing. This place constantly spawns various powerful monsters, and they want to see the strongest monster. And monster competitions will occur continuously because of the vast number of monsters. You can see creatures that only existed in ancient times, like dinosaurs. Or modern animals like lions and elephants will give you a more familiar feeling. But all those creatures had destructive power because they were born in the land of monsters. Transform into one of the powerful monsters to conquer the challenge in the monster war.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator mod

Monster battlefield

The world of monsters has opened a contest for all creatures to participate. And those monsters will compete together in the arena to show their strength. That’s where the monster army will split into two different forces and compete. You are in the monster world as the referee and will record the winning monster. Or you can become a monster and join the battle of giant creatures. You can also discover each type of monster as you enter the fight and find a way to win. Choose powerful monsters to join the war of creatures in the monster world.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator android

Monster control

You want to try the feeling of controlling monsters to join the world’s power battles. And you can do that if you find a beast to transform into. After fully becoming a monster, you can lead them into the arena of strength. This is where the monsters gather to compete for the world’s most vital monster position. It can be battles between one demon or another or between groups of monsters. Each form of monster fighting can show its superiority in the arena. Take control of the beast and overcome the challenges inside the hall of the monster world.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator apk free

The battle of giant monsters

When you successfully control the monsters, you join the fight. It is a war between the world’s strongest creatures, and you must try to win. Your monster battles can be easy with the starter levels. However, more powerful monsters will appear and reduce your chances of winning. So it would be best to practise how to control monsters to fight against challenging battles. And you can also come up with strategies to help your monsters win over opponents. Use monster warriors and hold them to win the monster arena in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator mod apk

Weapon selection

The monsters you control are already strong enough for you to enter the arena between monsters. However, it would be best if you found equipment for your monsters to use and ensure victory. You can attach guns to monsters and use them to deal damage to monster opponents. Or you can become a companion to the monster in the arena of the world. You will hold the weapons and support the beast to win the opponents. However, this requires a combination of you and the monsters you control. Look for weapons to equip your monsters to get more damage.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator apk

Monster upgrade

Your challenge of fighting monsters will show your ability to control demons. They are large creatures with wild power, so it will be difficult for you to manage them. So the journey to fight them in the monster arena will be a challenge for you. And when successfully conquering monsters, you need to upgrade them to strengthen them. Monsters will gain devastating attacks when you find out their power limit. Upgrading the monsters will also help you to have an unbeatable army or army in the arena. Level up the power of the monsters you control and show off their arena-destroying abilities.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator mod apk free

Conquer challenges

You may encounter difficulties when starting to fight monsters in arenas. It was a narrow space that allowed the world’s monsters to compete against each other. And you’ll also encounter internal challenges in being or accompanying anomalies. Besides, inside the monster battle mode will also help you show your strength. You will join your monster to become the most robust existence in the world when you overcome all challenges. But to overcome all demons, you must help the monster warrior become the strongest. Take on both the challenge of the monster world and conquer the obstacles inside the arena.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator mod

The world of monsters opens the arena for all creatures to compete with each other. And when you join this world, you will see prehistoric and modern monsters. They are all beings possessing destructive power beyond human understanding. And you can also become one of these creatures and join the monster arena. That’s where you face off against other levels of monsters based on your fighting ability. But to prove your talent to control demons, you must overcome all the challenges of the arena. Download Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK to conquer monster battles with your demons.

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