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Hack Battle Disc MOD APK (Menu/God Mode) 1.7.22

Updated September 12, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Info Battle Disc MOD APK (Menu/God Mode)

NameBattle Disc
PublisherSayGames Ltd
Version1.7.22 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/God Mode
SupportAndroid 7.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
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Introduce about MOD APK of Battle Disc

Battle Disc Mod (Menu/God Mode) has conquered millions of gamers worldwide. Battle Disc delivers the pinnacle experience of sports gaming on mobile devices. In this game, players participate in team battles or face off against each other in a colorful and intense arena.

Battle Disc requires skill and strategy from players to throw the disc, capture areas, and score goals. With diverse gameplay modes, this game promises endless entertainment and opportunities to compete with friends online. Battle Disc is undoubtedly an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts who want to challenge their skills in an engaging gaming environment.

Battle and score

Battle Disc allows you to engage in thrilling matches where you must use your disc-throwing skills to capture areas and score goals. The combination of technique and strategy is crucial in Battle Disc. You need to calculate the intensity and direction of your throws accurately to outmaneuver opponents, all while ensuring you and your team maintain control on the field.

The game offers a range of gameplay modes, from solo to team play, and you can challenge your friends online or participate in leaderboard races. Battle Disc immerses you in a colorful arena where you can experience the high moments of mobile sports gaming.

Set smart tactics, showcase your disc-throwing prowess, and compete with millions of players worldwide. Battle Disc takes you on an exciting journey to conquer the game’s throne!

Your journey to the throne

Battle Disc is not merely a game of luck but a technical and strategic challenge. In the world of Battle Disc, you need to develop your disc-throwing skills to the highest level and, at the same time, master tactics to lead your team to victory.

The disc throwing technique in Hack Battle Disc APK demands precision and reflexes. You must calculate the intensity, angle, and timing of throws accurately to capture the disc and deceive opponents. Throwing too hard may send the disc far from the target, while throwing too lightly may give opponents a chance to intercept it. Fine-tuning each throw is essential for success. Disc throwing technique alone is not enough to win in Battle Disc; strategy plays a crucial role. You need to understand the map, create attack and defense strategies, and work closely with your team to maintain control on the field. With a harmonious blend of technique and strategy, Battle Disc is not just a mobile sports game but also an adventure to become the ultimate player.


One of the special features of Battle Disc APK mod is online competition. You can invite friends or players from around the world to join exciting matches. This creates a space for socializing, challenging, and showcasing your talents.

Participate in in-game contests and events to climb the leaderboards. Unique titles and rewards await outstanding players. You can compete with other opponents, climb the rankings, and showcase your prowess in the large Battle Disc gaming community.

Engage in fierce battles, make new friends, and challenge your patience and skills in Battle Disc. Along the journey to conquer the leaderboards, you’ll experience relentless matches and social interactions with the global gaming community.

Colorful arena

Battle Disc APK 1.7.22 arena is designed with elegance, featuring vibrant screens, dazzling lights, and an electrifying atmosphere. This creates an engaging experience, allowing you to feel the real intensity of matches, from precise disc throws to epic goals.

When you step into the Battle Disc arena, you’ll experience moments of excitement, feeling the competitive spirit of the game. You and your team must work closely to control the disc and shoot it into the opponent’s goal, while the opposing team is ready to create strategies to stop you. Battle Disc is a truly dynamic sports experience where you’ll need to use all your skills to reach the top. The colorful arena and dramatic points of Battle Disc will make you feel like you’re participating in a real sports competition.

Time to score

Battle Disc is unlike any sports game you’ve ever experienced. It’s a unique sports gaming experience where you witness a fantastic blend of skill and drama. In Battle Disc, you engage in dynamic disc-throwing matches where you need to combine accuracy in throwing with unique strategies to capture the disc and score goals. This creates a special and distinct experience, where you’ll feel the excitement and challenge in every move.

Battle Disc also opens up a unique social world where you can connect with friends and other players online, challenge them in battles, and together, climb the leaderboards. This creates continuous excitement and competition, helping you develop your skills and strategies. Battle Disc will undoubtedly make you feel like you’re participating in a real sports competition, with all its intensity and excitement. Get ready to join this special scoring journey and explore a whole new world of sports with Battle Disc MOD APK!

How to Download & Install Battle Disc Hack APK (Menu/God Mode) 1.7.22 for Android 2023

You just need to click the Download button to select Battle Disc MOD APK you want to download. Then wait and install it to experience MOD version Battle Disc Hack APK (Menu/God Mode) 1.7.22.

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