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Bonbon Cakery MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Medals) 2.2.3

Updated September 29, 2023 (3 days ago)

Info Bonbon Cakery MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Medals)

NameBonbon Cakery
Version2.2.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Medals
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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Introduce about MOD APK of Bonbon Cakery

Bonbon Cakery MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Medals) on MODAPKOK is the next cake shop management simulation game developed by Kairosoft, a Japanese game development company. The game allows the player to play the role of a cake shop owner, creating cakes and selling them to customers.

The player starts with a small cake shop and must upgrade it by purchasing equipment and training staff to produce different types of cakes. Players can also customize their store by changing the decoration and layout.

Players face many challenges during the game, including responding to customer requests, competing with other bakeries, and running businesses. Players can also expand their shop by buying other lands and opening more shops.

Store Operation

In Bonbon Cakery, the player plays the role of a cake shop owner and has to operate his shop. Many activities must be done to ensure the store is efficient and profitable. Here are some key activities in this game’s store operation:

Research and Development: Players must learn about new markets and trends to design cakes to suit customer needs. Research and development also help players improve product quality and differentiation.

Equipment shopping and repair: Players must purchase ovens, blenders, and mixers to produce cakes and serve customers. In addition, equipment should be regularly checked and repaired to ensure smooth operation.

Hire and train staff: Players must hire staff to help produce and serve cakes. Employees must be trained to perform tasks efficiently and improve product quality.

Financial management: Players must manage the store’s finances, including revenue, expenses, cake production costs, staff salaries, etc. To ensure the store operates profitably.

Shop decoration and management: Players can customize their store by changing the decoration and layout to attract customers. They must also manage the store’s business operations, such as order management, shipping, and customer complaint handling.

All these activities require players to have management skills and flexibility in thinking to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Make delicious cakes

To make delicious cakes, players need to follow these steps:

Choose ingredients: Ingredients are an essential factor in creating delicious cakes. Players must choose the best ingredients and match the recipe to ensure product quality.

Recipe Preparation: Players need to prepare recipes for each type of cake to ensure accuracy and efficiency in production.

Use specialized tools: Specialized tools such as ovens, blenders, mixers, and worktops are vital to creating delicious cakes. Players need to use these tools professionally to create beautiful and delicious products.

Compliance with production processes: Manufacturing processes are critical to ensure product quality. Players must follow the production processes, including time, temperature, mixing time and other steps to create the best cakes.

Product decoration and decoration: Product decoration and decoration are also crucial to attract customers. Players can customize their products by decorating and decorating to their liking to create an attractive yield and attract customers.

In short, to make delicious cakes in Hack Bonbon Cakery APK, players must choose good ingredients, prepare recipes, use specialized tools, follow production processes and decorate products. Products in a creative way.

Shop Equipment

To equip the shop, players need to focus on the following factors:

Furniture: Furniture is one of the critical factors in attracting customers. Players need to decorate their store with furniture that matches the store’s style and create an impressive space for customers to enjoy the products.

Equipment and machinery equipment: Equipment and machinery are crucial to improve production efficiency and reduce production time. Players must equip their shops with appliances such as ovens, blenders, mixers, refrigerators and worktops to ensure a smooth production process and high-quality products.

Food and Drink: Food and drinks are essential to attract customers and increase revenue for the player’s store. Players must equip their shops with attractive foods and beverages such as cakes, juices, coffee and tea to satisfy customers’ needs.

Employees: Employees are an essential factor in ensuring the operation of store operations are smooth and efficient. Players must hire and train experienced staff to ensure the production process and customer service are carried out professionally.

Marketing Strategy: Marketing strategy is crucial to promote the store and attract customers. Players must develop an effective marketing strategy to introduce the store’s products and services to customers.

Players must focus on decorating the interior, preparing machines and equipment, providing attractive food and drinks, and hiring and training professional staff to equip the shop in Bonbon Cakery APK mod.


To have a successful trading business, players need to adhere to the following principles:

Resource management: In trading, players must manage their capital, time and human resources to achieve the highest profit. Players need to calculate and use resources efficiently to ensure smooth business operations.

Product development: Product is one of the critical factors in attracting customers. Players must develop innovative products to meet customer needs and generate the highest profits.

Warehouse management: Inventory management is critical to ensure products are always in stock and customers do not have to wait too long. Players must monitor their inventory and place orders promptly to avoid running out of stock.

Calculating product costs: Product costs are crucial to ensure the most profitable store. Players need to calculate the cost of production and the selling price of the product to come up with a reasonable price.

Product promotion: Product promotion is essential to attract customers and increase sales for the store. Players must develop an effective marketing strategy to promote products and attract customers.

To have a successful business in Bonbon Cakery APK 2.2.3, players must manage resources, develop products, manage inventory, calculate product costs, and promote products effectively.

Learn how to be an intelligent trader through the game Bonbon Cakery

Bonbon Cakery is a game that helps players experience the work of a pancake shop owner, learn how to manage resources, develop products, manage inventory, calculate product costs, and promote products one by one. Effectively. Players can practice business skills through the game and become innovative, creative, and successful. If you love business simulation games and want to become a great trader, try playing Bonbon Cakery MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Medals) on and explore this exciting world of pancake business.

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