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Cross DJ Pro APK 3.6.4

Updated July 7, 2023 (3 months ago)

Info Cross DJ Pro APK

NameCross DJ Pro
Version3.6.4 (Latest)
CategoryMusic - Audio
MOD FeaturesNo
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price36.99$ FREE
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Introduce about MOD APK of Cross DJ Pro

Cross DJ Pro MOD APK is a professional and powerful DJ application that gives you the fantastic experience of being a professional DJ on your mobile phone. With Cross DJ Pro, creating, mixing, and performing at the top is no longer a distant thing.

Cross DJ Pro is a complete and multifunctional DJ application designed to meet the needs of professional DJs and beginners in the field. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you’ll quickly get acquainted and discover Cross DJ Pro’s powerful features.

Mix and perform

Professional DJ Interface: With an intuitive interface and design based on a professional DJ interface, Cross DJ Pro gives you easy access to the tools and functions vital to creating quality music mixes. High.

Mix songs: You can choose from your music library and mix songs to your liking. Cross DJ Pro gives you tools like speed control, EQ, sound effects, and more to create unique and stylish mixes.

Spotify integration: Cross DJ Pro lets you connect to your Spotify account and access millions of songs directly from within the app. This expands your music library and offers endless variety and choices for mixing.

AutoMix feature: If you want to enjoy your music without too much interference, Cross DJ Pro offers an automatic AutoMix feature. You can select playlists, and the app automatically mixes songs smoothly and seamlessly, creating a seamless listening experience.

Performance mode: Cross DJ Pro allows you to perform live on stage or at parties. You can use features like multi-window, loop, sampler, and disc control to create unique effects and compositions, bringing interaction and excitement to your audience.

Exceptional sound engine

EQ (Equalizer): Cross DJ Pro offers a powerful EQ tuner, allowing you to adjust and fine-tune the volume of the different frequency bands in each song. Adjusting the bass, mid and treble, you can create a balanced and optimal sound for your song.

Sound Effects: This application has a wide range of audio effects such as phaser, flanger, echo, reverb, and many more. You can apply this effect to your songs to create a unique sound space and create variety and creativity in your mix.

Speed control: Cross DJ Pro allows you to flexibly adjust the song’s speed. You can increase or decrease the playback speed smoothly and naturally, opening up the opportunity to create unique and exciting mixes.

Loop and Cue: The Loop tool allows you to create additional music loops in a song to create interesting looping effects. Besides, the Cue function helps you mark a song’s beginning of the return point, making it easy to control and change musical elements during the performance.

Disc control (Scratch): Cross DJ Pro allows you to use scratch effects like a professional DJ. Moving your finger across the screen can create fantastic scratch effects and bring realism and interactivity to your song.

Professional features

Precise Beatmatching: Cross DJ Pro has automatic beatmatching, helping to synchronize songs with each other accurately. This feature helps you to create smooth and uninterrupted mixes in the music.

Sync and AutoMix: The Sync feature allows you to synchronize the speed and rhythm of your songs automatically. This helps you create seamless mixes without manually changing the song speed. AutoMix is a feature that automatically mixes songs, allowing you to enjoy your music without too much interference.

EQ and Effects Equalizer: Cross DJ Pro MOD APK provides an EQ adjuster with diverse frequency ranges to fine-tune the volume and sound of your songs. In addition, you can also use audio effects such as phaser, flanger, reverb, and many more to create unique and creative musical effects.

Speed control and disc control (Scratch): Cross DJ Pro allows you to customize the playback speed of your songs, helping to create unique and exciting mixes. Besides, the disc control feature (Scratch) allows you to use scratch effects like a pro DJ, creating realism and interactivity in your performance.

Compatible with Spotify and SoundCloud: Cross DJ Pro APK 3.6.4 on MODAPKOK integrates with streaming music services like Spotify and SoundCloud. You can access the huge music libraries of these two services and mix and perform songs from there.

Many useful customizations

Customize the look and feel: Cross DJ Pro allows you to customize the look and feel of the app to suit your taste. You can change the color, layout, and size of on-screen components to create a personalized DJ experience.

DJ Dashboard: This app allows you to customize your DJ console. You can change the position and size of the buttons, faders, and slide decks to suit your performance style and provide convenience during mixing.

Customize function buttons: Cross DJ Pro allows you to customize the function buttons on the control panel. You can assign different functions to the buttons, such as slide transition, mute, loop, sampler, and many more. This helps you customize the dashboard to your own needs and style.

Manage your music library: Cross DJ Pro allows you to customize how your music library is managed and organized. You can conveniently create playlists, folders and share songs. In addition, you can also sort songs by name, artist, genre, and other information for quick search and selection.

Customize sound effects: Cross DJ Pro gives you many options to customize sound effects. You can adjust the strength of the effect, change the delay time, frequency, or any other parameter to create a unique and characteristic sound effect.

Make the best music with Cross DJ Pro

With Cross DJ Pro APK, you are not only a music player but also become a professional DJ, creating unique and exciting mixes. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful features, this application gives flexibility and freedom to your musical creativity. Whether you are a professional DJ or just starting to explore the world of DJing, Cross DJ Pro is an indispensable tool to take your music to the next level.

How to Download & Install Cross DJ Pro APK 3.6.4 for Android 2023

You just need to click the Download button to select Cross DJ Pro MOD APK you want to download. Then wait and install it to experience MOD version Cross DJ Pro APK 3.6.4.

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