Hack DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK (Menu/12 Features/KI/Instant Win/God Mode) 4.30.0

Updated September 22, 2023 (5 days ago)

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK (Menu/12 Features/KI/Instant Win/God Mode) puts players as powerful super-soldiers fighting against many of the most potent super-soldiers in this game universe.


Info DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK (Menu/12 Features/KI/Instant Win/God Mode)

PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Version4.30.0 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/12 Features/KI/Instant Win/God Mode
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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Join the action role-playing battles with the attractive DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK game on MODAPKOK. Game players who love the Japanese manga series 7 Dragon Balls should not miss a super exciting action-fighting role-playing game like this. Try letting yourself drift with the emotions of competitive battles—a life-and-death struggle between characters who possess boundless power. Activate endless potential defeating all opponents standing in front of you in action. They are expected by all game players passionate about the 7 Dragon Ball cartoons after a development period, updating with loads of super particular simulations and converging all the attractive elements in the original Japanese anime close to everyone.


The intense fighting gameplay is top-notch, with all the game players participating. The antagonistic nature is highly recommended for those who want to participate in character control. Immersive sounds and top-notch 3D visuals bring players into the game as if they were directly immersed in the battle in this super engaging and engaging DRAGON BALL legend seven-ball fighting game. Get ready to defend the Earth with many of the most beloved and influential characters. They together possessed the most endless sources of power to sweep away the enemy—all at this DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game.

Download DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK – The battle for the precious dragon ball.

The essence of this DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game is action role-playing. Fight for justice with countless characters simulated in this game. The original film heavily inspires the story and side effects. The adventure of the game player will be to fight and discover your strength. The character in this game gives the game players unique enjoyment when participating in the fierce and fiery matches displayed on the screen of their video game device. Me. Dive into the game DRAGON BALL LEGENDS to conquer all opponents. Retrieve all seven dragon balls to save the Earth’s world, which is in extreme danger. Let’s accompany you with unparalleled strength on the endless journey.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS mod apk android

Based on the ability to collect on an adventure, find new things to bring back to your collection to increase the experience when playing this DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game. The more battles there are, the more the game player gets caught up in the increased tempo. Attracting every second and minute increases players’ skills and desire to incarnate. Prepare for all the bloody battles in which players must defeat mighty opponents. Know that the opponents will be as strong as the original animated movie is already available. But by skill, let’s do well in the battle mission game DRAGON BALL LEGENDS.

A new story or unique character

The story of this DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game is extremely special to players. Indeed everyone participating in this fighting action game called DRAGON BALL LEGENDS has read the story or watched the movie called 7 Dragon Balls. Fascinating stories revolve around that original. But on the sidelines, there is also a fascinating story of this game, so it’s very new. The Saiyan planet of warriors has been destroyed by the evil dictator Frieza. The surviving Saiyan warriors are sent to all the planets in the universe, including the most special warriors in the original Dragon Ball series. Son Goku and Vegeta are living on Earth many people are trying to attack them. Besides, there is a warrior from this planet wandering.


Inspired by the character Broly – the Super Saiyan warrior possesses the power of legend. The action game DRAGON BALL LEGENDS offers a strong personality. It is the other Saiyan super soldier character with much story inspiration. This character has already lost a part of his past, so he looks forward to being remembered. Meet and experience with other characters in this DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game. They will accompany and develop the strength of the player’s unique character. Retrieve the piece of the past that was lost after being sent to another planet.

Card strength of the characters

The game’s characters are owned as battle cards with skills. The game’s system returns many characters from the original Dragon Ball 7 movie. According to the story, from Pi Colo, Son Goku, Son Goten, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Ca Di, Majin Buu, Cell Beetle, Frieza, and countless other powerful characters. More and more over time, game players can own those powerful characters. Players can grasp the possibilities in the form of cards that display parameters. Unleash your power with your control skills in this game. Attack and defend based on any unique stats displayed on the card. Try to own and unleash the unparalleled power of the characters in the exciting fighting action game Hack DRAGON BALL LEGENDS APK.


Try to collect as many powerful character cards as possible to use. Increase the experience as possible when participating in the DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK game and striving to win all battles and attractive gifts. The characters will be displayed on the card itself with the role-playing experiences. Jump into action while activating the role-playing card to battle powerful opponents. Each character and opponent in the player’s collection will have a lot of new things.

Special features of the combat system

Gamers must grasp the many specials in this action-packed DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game to defeat all the powerful opponents in a mortal battle. Types of levels increase the strength of the character that the player plays in the role-playing game. Each symbol of this DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game will have a separate process. Those characters will all have a source of power that the player can further develop—levels from skill power, inner energy, mental strength, and even endurance. Game players will be on a journey to maximize their character’s potential. Characters elevate themselves with the most potent set of skills included. Learn more skills as characters rise in rank through battles.


For example, the Saiyan super-soldier characters that can evolve with a power source considered to be infinite can be exploited to their potential in the not-too-distant future. Or the characters learn unique skills that are useful through different stages. All possess that endless potential, including the villains in the game. The DRAGON BALL LEGENDS APK mod brings those individual battle systems to the player hoping the player will have even more great developments during leisure time. Please make the most of it with the battles ahead of you.

Build a perfect warrior squad.

Players of the DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game can build a squad of warriors. The player’s warrior squads will accompany each other to find the lost dragon balls in the Earth and the vast universe. The people themselves play the game that they love or want to own. Team up to find character cards in this DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game. Add what you love to the group of battle characters. Each character will contribute strength and increase variety to the whole game story. So after each stage and subsequent battles, the player adds more. The actions ahead are not easy, and the team of warriors will get stronger and stronger.


Streams of events drag the game player-created party from battle to battle. The DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game is highly synergistic, so choose your favourite and aim for the perfect power fusion immediately. Believe in yourself and your teammates in battle. Destroy all and find the seven dragon balls; protect the peace of the homeland. Spread the charm with your team of self-created DRAGON BALL LEGENDS players.

Player Challenging Mode

Players of the DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game are allowed to participate in unique modes. The game mode system attracts the participants; from the story mode, the characters join the journey to find the arduous and dangerous dragon ball ahead of them. Game players can both fight and explore the most fantastic storyline possible. Players can get even the most attractive rewards in their collection. There is also a competitive event mode where players participate with the most novelty. Change over time and add even more special features for players. The DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game will feature various events that change from season to season. Make the game player not get bored from time to time after fighting.

Game players will participate in training in Training mode to increase their skills. Then, with route-specific skills and a clear grasp, players can confidently enter other DRAGON BALL LEGENDS APK 4.30.0 modes. Challenge yourself with multiple story-based challenge modes and opponents. Get the quests and start the journey to find the challenge and seven dragon balls. Outperform all with the bloodiest battle a game player can engage in.

Let’s compete online together

This DRAGON BALL LEGENDS game also has an online competition mode for players. All game players only need an online connection to connect to the system. Compete with other participating game players to socialize and learn. Defeat other game players with the ultimate in practice. Prove that you are invincible to the character who possesses the most lasting power. Download DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK (Menu/12 Features/KI/Instant Win/God Mode), fight with characters for adventure, and search for the seven dragon balls.

How to Download & Install DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Hack APK (Menu/12 Features/KI/Instant Win/God Mode) 4.30.0 for Android 2023

You just need to click the Download button to select DRAGON BALL LEGENDS MOD APK you want to download. Then wait and install it to experience MOD version DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Hack APK (Menu/12 Features/KI/Instant Win/God Mode) 4.30.0.

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