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Dungeon & Girls MOD APK (Onehit/Dumb Enemy) 1.4.6

Updated July 4, 2023 (3 months ago)

Info Dungeon & Girls MOD APK (Onehit/Dumb Enemy)

NameDungeon & Girls
Version1.4.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesOnehit/Dumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 4.1
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
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Introduce about MOD APK of Dungeon & Girls

Dungeon & Girls MOD APK (Onehit/Dumb Enemy) on MODAPKOK – a unique and vibrant role-playing game where you will explore dangerous caves, fight nightmare monsters and recruit powerful girls to join them. Save the world. Ready to be a hero and face extreme challenges? Let’s start your journey in Dungeon & Girls!

Explore the prison

The dungeon is one of the most stressful and dangerous places players will face. This is where dangerous and evil prisoners are kept, and only true heroes can make it through.

As you explore the dungeon, you must face dark passages, listening to groans and gunshots echoing in the distance. Dangerous prisoners and terrifying monsters await at every corner, ready to attack you at any moment.

However, it is not only the danger; the prison also holds amazing secrets and precious treasures. You can explore hidden rooms, search for story fragments, and collect precious items to upgrade and strengthen your team.

With a realistically designed prison environment, distinctive sounds and beautiful visuals, Dungeon & Girls offers you a wonderful exploration experience. Prepare yourself and be ready to face the complex challenges as you enter the prison, rescue the beautiful girls and defeat the evil forces in Dungeon & Girls.

Make a battle strategy

Combat strategy is the key to success in the adventure. You will act as the team leader, build a strong squad and arrange the right tactics to defeat the enemies and overcome the challenges.

Before entering the match, you must choose the characters and their levels to build the perfect squad. Each character has unique roles and skills, from mighty warriors to talented magicians or supporting gods. You need to consider each skill and trait of each character to create the optimal combination and variety.

You will face diverse enemies with unique skills and abilities during the match. It would help if you determined the right tactics, such as a strong attack, solid defence, or using particular skills to destroy the opponent. In addition, the arrangement of the formation and handling of the attack sequence is also essential to take advantage of the strength of each character.

In addition, you can also take advantage of the battle environment and support items to gain the upper hand. For example, you can use the battlefield, take advantage of the terrain or use special skills to create incredible effects and defeat opponents quickly.

With a rich strategy system, Dungeon & Girls Mod allows you to show your leadership talent and tactical thinking ability. Choose your squad wisely, build the optimal strategy and prove you are a true hero in this adventure.

Magic skill

The game has many magic skills, each with unique effects and powers. There are direct attack skills, creating powerful explosions to devastate opponents. There are support skills, such as restoring health to teammates or increasing the squad’s strength. There is also a skill to deal extensive area damage and attack multiple targets simultaneously. You can customize your skills according to your playing style and tactics.

To use magic skills, you need to collect and possess magical treasures. Each treasure carries a unique skill and can be improved through upgrades. You need to search and collect precious magical treasures to improve the combat ability of the squad.

The magic skills in Dungeon & Girls MOD APK (Onehit/Dumb Enemy) are powerful and beautiful, with unique visual effects. You will see fiery attacks, explosive explosions and unique magical effects. The feeling of excitement and excitement when using magic skills will make the match more exciting and dramatic.

Discover and harness the power of magic skills in Dungeon & Girls to become a mighty magical warrior, defeat all challenges and rise as a true hero in this mystical world.


The partners in the game are all characters capable of fighting independently and bringing significant benefits to your squad. Each partner has their characteristics and skills, creating diversity and strategy in team building.

Some associates specialize in attacks that damage opponents, like mighty warriors and agile archers. Some associates, such as magic control magicians and health recovery healers, specialise in assisting. Some allies specialize in defence, like knights with high stamina and martial artists who are good at taking down enemies near them.

You can strengthen and upgrade your associates by collecting and using special items. Upgrades will increase your partner’s strength, stamina, and skills, making them reliable allies in battle. Moreover, each partner has a personal story, helping you better understand the character and build an interactive relationship with them.

Please choose the right partner and work with them to conquer dangerous locations and face fearsome enemies in Hack Dungeon & Girls APK. You can overcome all challenges through solidarity and cooperation and become a winner in this magical world.

Get ready to face the enchantment and power in Dungeon & Girls

With a mysterious world, adventurous adventures, and charming girls, Dungeon & Girls gives you a unique and undeniable role-playing experience. Infiltrate dark caves, confront dangerous monsters, and recruit powerful girls to form a mighty army. Ready to uncover the secrets hidden in Dungeon & Girls? Start your journey today and become the hero of this world in Dungeon & Girls APK mod (Onehit/Dumb Enemy)!

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