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Hexa Mobs MOD APK (Menu, Instant Win) 0.2.3

Updated July 6, 2023 (5 months ago)

Info Hexa Mobs MOD APK (Menu, Instant Win)

NameHexa Mobs
PublisherYso Corp
Version0.2.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, Instant Win
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
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Introduce about MOD APK of Hexa Mobs

Hexa Mobs MOD APK (Menu, Instant Win) – This is a unique and captivating game where you will go on an exciting adventure in a beautiful hexagonal world.

Hexa Mobs gives players an entirely new game experience, combining tactical and intellectual elements. You will face diverse creatures, from mighty monsters to super rare and terrifying monsters. To survive, you must create intelligent tactics, use your skills and take advantage of your surroundings.


Resources: On the Hexa Mobs hexagonal map, you’ll find critical resource-gathering points like wood, stone, ore, and herbs. You can mine and accumulate resources in your inventory by sending your characters to these points.

Creatures: Hexa Mobs has a diverse and rare range of creatures. You can hunt and collect them to increase your strength and diversify your army. Each creature has its elements, special skills, and different levels, allowing you to build a formidable army.

Puzzle Pieces: You can collect unique puzzle pieces during exploration and combat. These puzzle pieces can be used to build and upgrade essential structures such as bases, defense towers, and laboratories, helping you to enhance your combat abilities and learn new skills.

Treasures: On the map, you can find hidden treasures containing valuable rewards. Explore every nook and cranny of the hexagonal world to find and collect these treasures, from jewels and legendary weapons to unique items.

Monster system

Species Diversity: In the world of Hexa Mobs Mod, you will meet a variety of monsters, from common monsters to mighty and fearsome creatures. Each monster species has a unique appearance, strength, and skills, creating diversity and challenges for players.

Special Abilities: Each monster in Hexa Mobs is equipped with unique abilities and attacks. Some monsters can deal consequential damage from a distance, others can strengthen allies, and many different abilities exist. By learning and understanding each monster’s abilities, you can develop the right strategy to deal with and overcome them.

Levels and Difficulty: Monsters in Hexa Mobs are divided into different and complex levels. This creates continuous progress and challenges for the player. As you progress in the game, you will face more dangerous monsters with more strength and stamina.

Unique Monsters: Besides the usual monsters, Hexa Mobs have unique, rare, and consequential monsters. These are formidable challenges and an opportunity to collect valuable rewards. However, you must be well-prepared and have the right strategy to deal with these unique monsters.

Explore the world

Hexa Mobs Map: The world of Hexa Mobs is designed as a unique hexagonal map. Each hexagonal tile represents a separate land, and you will move from tile to tile to explore and expand your territory. Each tile has its surprises and challenges waiting for you to discover.

Diverse environments: The world in Hexa Mobs MOD APK (Menu, Instant Win) on MODAPKOK has diverse environments, from deep forests, grasslands, and hot deserts to mountains and gloomy swamps. Each type of environment has its characteristics and resources, which require you to adapt and utilize them to survive and thrive.

Unique Locations: On the map, you will also encounter particular locations such as abandoned cities, mysterious caves, high mountains, and ancient towers. These locations contain unique mysteries and rewards; exploring them opens up exciting stories and benefits your adventure.

Battles and Quests: As you explore the world, you will encounter battles with monsters and perform various quests. These battles require you to use your tactical skills, take advantage of the environment, and summon your troops to achieve victory. Quests will take you through different parts of the world, allowing you to explore and access special rewards.

Diverse game modes and levels

Single Player Mode: This mode allows you to go on an adventure alone, explore the world, and confront monsters in your way. You can customize your tactics, build a base, and upgrade your character to become the lone winner.

Arena Mode: This game mode allows you to challenge and compete with other players online. You will build a powerful army, summon monsters and show off your tactical skills in intense battles. Arena mode allows you to compete and climb the leaderboard to prove your ability.

Difficulty Level: Hexa Mobs APK has a flexible difficulty level system, allowing you to choose the level of challenge that suits your skills and experience. You can choose from easy, medium, and hard levels, each offering different challenges and requiring different tactics to win.

Evolving Levels: In Hexa Mobs, you’ll progress through levels to unlock new content and explore the wider world. Each level of progression requires you to complete missions, achieve specific goals, and face increasingly complex challenges. Your progress will open the door to upgrades and unlock new features and resources.

Survive and win in Hexa Mobs

In Hexa Mobs, there is no limit to your creativity and tactics. You will experience intense battles, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of creatures, and seize the opportunity to achieve a glorious victory. Use your skills, the right path, build a strong base, and summon powerful allies to face any challenge.

Hexa Mobs MOD APK is not just a game but an enchanting adventure in a beautiful hexagonal world. Prepare for dramatic battles and uncover mysteries in every corner of this world. You will meet other players, build a community and challenge yourself to be the ultimate winner.

So what are you waiting for? Step into the Hexa Mobs and become the champion in this adventurous journey. Are you willing? Get ready to face challenges and discover your extraordinary abilities. We await you in the hexagonal world of Hexa Mobs MOD Menu!

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