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Homo Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.6.6

Updated July 5, 2023 (5 months ago)

Info Homo Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

NameHomo Evolution
Version1.6.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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Introduce about MOD APK of Homo Evolution

Homo Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOK, where you will be immersed in a creative and magical evolutionary adventure. In this game, you will discover the fantastic possibilities of evolution and become an actual creator. From starting with simple primitives, you’ll tweak genes and combine them to create complex and unique creatures. Through the stages of evolution, from prehistoric species to advanced societies, you will witness the evolution of humanity over thousands of years of history. Start your journey now and become the creator marking the progress of humanity!

Human evolution

Starting from simple primitives, you’ll gradually tweak genes and evolve humanity into more complex and creative forms. From discovering the first stone technology, you will progress to the following stages of evolution, traversing the stone age, metallurgy, information technology, and even transcending the limits of the modern world. Each stage of evolution will give you new traits, creative abilities, and upgraded powers.

You can create breakthrough changes in the human race by combining genes and evolving new traits. From altering your appearance, intelligence, strength, and even supernatural abilities, you will control evolution to create a superior human race in Homo Evolution.

Your journey in human evolution will be about changing your appearance and abilities and discovering and better understanding human history and culture. You will learn about scientific discoveries, groundbreaking technology, and cultural and social revolutions.

Four ways to shape the world

Gene editing: By changing genes and combining them, you can create new traits for the human race. You can enhance your mobility, intelligence, and strength or develop unique supernatural abilities. Deciding which genes to incorporate and apply will affect human evolution and diversity.

Evolutionary Choices: During the game, you will face critical evolutionary choices. Depending on your decision, the human race can evolve into different forms. You can follow the path of wisdom, and technological development, explore the natural world, or even choose the direction of supernatural and magical evolution.

Build culture and society: You can not only change the appearance and abilities of people, but you can also build their culture and society. From developing languages, art forms, religions, and social norms, you can create a unique and diverse world.

Explore the world: The world in Homo Evolution Mod is vast and mysterious. You can explore different epochs of evolution, from prehistoric to modern and even future. Each stage of evolution will take you to new environments, different civilizations, and unique challenges. Learning about human history and culture will give you a holistic view of their development and evolution.

Eight stages of evolution

Primitive: Starting in primitive times, you will explore the birth of the first human species. Humans must conquer nature, hunt and collect to survive in the wild.

Stone Age: With the discovery of the first stone technology, humanity began to make sharper tools and weapons for hunting and self-defense. Choosing the right technology will help you evolve quickly.

Metal Age: Advances in metal casting technology opened the door to a new evolutionary age. Humans have created new weapons, tools, and technologies, facilitating the development of civilization and society.

Information Technology Age: Exploring technological inventions such as computers, the internet, and communication, humanity has taken another significant step in the industrial and social revolutions. Changing how we communicate, work, and live has opened up a new world full of potential.

Space Age: With space exploration and space technology, humanity has expanded its boundaries and evolved beyond Earth. Exploring other planets and building space bases offers discoveries and opportunities for growth.

Future Age: In the future age of Homo Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money), humanity has gone further with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, overcoming physical limitations, and the combination of man and technology.

Open the next fork

Once you’ve evolved to the current stage, you’ll be open to a new fun and discovery branch. At this fork, you will have the opportunity to explore and evolve toward the supernatural and mystical. Here is a detailed description of this next fork:

Superpower Evolution: Humanity has discovered and developed unique superpowers at this fork. You can evolve into superhuman beings with overwhelming strength, superpower abilities, elemental and energy control, or even being able to see and interact with metaphysical entities.

Magical Evolution: In this branch, humanity has discovered and harnessed the power of magic. You can learn and use spells, summon spirits, and perform other magical actions. This opens up remarkable possibilities for combat, exploration, and interaction with the supernatural world.

High Technological Evolution: In this branch, humanity has evolved to a high level of technology. You can research and use cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, unified intelligence, cyborgs, and robotics. This opens up opportunities for the development of technology, the creation of advanced machines, and the expansion of space exploration in Homo Evolution APK.

Mythical evolution: Humanity has discovered and evolved towards myths and legends in this branch. You can become gods and mystical beings and perform superhuman feats. You can explore and build mythical lands, fight monsters, and go on amazing adventures.

Constant evolution in the game Homo Evolution: Become a creator

In Homo Evolution, you had the opportunity to experience the evolutionary journey from primitive species to creators. Combining species and improving their characteristics has created new levels of creativity and development.

From building simple pets, you’ve tweaked genes to create complex and unique creatures. You have discovered diverse and colourful worlds by combining and creating new species.

Your journey in Homo Evolution isn’t just about gene editing and evolution; it’s about giving you an experience of creation and discovery. You were created to be a creator, to seek continuous progress and development.

Homo Evolution has created an exciting evolutionary world with an engaging storyline. From creating new species to discovering new eras, you have become the master of an evolutionary revolution. So keep exploring and evolving, become the top creator, and change the world in Homo Evolution APK mod (Unlimited Money)!

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