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Idle Dragon School MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Points) 1.07.01

Info Idle Dragon School MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Points)

NameIdle Dragon School
Version1.07.01 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Points
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedFebruary 25, 2024 (2 days ago)
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Introduce about MOD APK of Idle Dragon School

Idle Dragon School MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Points) is a mobile game that immerses players in the magical world of mythical dragons. Unlike typical farming or city-building games, Idle Dragon School focuses on managing a school for adorable baby dragons. Players take on the role of a school manager, embarking on a magical journey to care for and train young dragons. From teaching them special skills to constructing facilities for the school, every decision influences the development and success of the dragon school.

Diverse challenges, missions, and opportunities to discover new dragon species lead players on an endless journey of creativity and growth. With engaging gameplay and a new story, Idle Dragon School promises players an irresistible entertainment experience.

Explore the dragon world

Players initiate an unlimited adventure among mythical dragons, characterized by the diversity and complexity of tasks. As the manager of a special school for cute dragons, your task is to build infrastructure for the school. Lush greenery, magical buildings, and unique learning areas provide an ideal environment for dragon development.

The adventure extends to exploring the mysterious dragon world. Learn about new dragon species, gather precious materials, and face constant challenges to build your dragon empire. With deep gameplay and a unique story, Idle Dragon School offers players an endless experience of creativity and wonder in a mystical world.

Manage the dragon school

Your experience begins as you take on the role of a talent manager at Idle Dragon School, where your mission is to build and develop a unique dragon school. Face diverse challenges, from managing resources to resolving conflicts between different dragon types.

Feel the excitement as you build the school’s infrastructure, from magic classrooms to entertainment areas for dragon students. Every decision you make affects the school’s development, and your task is to create an ideal educational environment for your dragon students. Idle Dragon School APK is a colorful and engaging journey, immersing players in the magical world of unique dragon education.

Journey of marvelous development

Embark on a marvelous journey of growth and learning, nurturing adorable baby dragons and transforming them into powerful and unique dragon species. In the role of a talent manager, you’ll experience emotional moments as you see your dragon students grow from innocent babies to mighty creatures. At the school, you guide and care for the dragons. Identify each dragon’s special skills and talents, and create unique and suitable lessons for their maximum development.

Experience joy as they overcome each test and become outstanding learners. The adventure expands into the vast world of dragon varieties. Learn about their unique culture, visit unique habitats, and participate in adventurous activities to challenge the strength of your dragon students in Idle Dragon School APK mod.

Dragon academy of mystery

You are the creator and builder of a mystical dragon empire on your mobile phone. Idle Dragon School APK 1.07.01 opens up a world of magic and mystery, where you will embark on an endless journey to expand and strengthen your empire. From building care areas for dragons to managing resources and expanding infrastructure, each decision contributes to building a strong and prosperous school.

Your creativity comes from how you design and manage the surrounding space. The adventure also opens the door to the vast world of dragons, where you will learn about new dragon species and engage in exciting missions. Challenges include fighting, exploring, and collecting precious materials to enrich your empire.

Power of pure dragons

The game offers players an unlimited experience of the power and emotions of pure dragons. In this magical world, you begin your journey by discovering the special abilities of each dragon type and learning their unique stories. The school is a place to connect and build relationships with dragon students. You’ll feel the power of connecting with them, witnessing their growth from cute little children to outstanding and confident students. The adventure explores the vast world of dragons. Learn about the history and culture of each dragon species, participate in special events, and explore new mysterious lands in Idle Dragon School MOD APK.

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