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K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets) 1.97

Updated November 28, 2023 (2 days ago)

Info K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets)

NameK-POP Idol Producer
PublisherBuildup Studio
Version1.97 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Tickets
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
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Introduce about MOD APK of K-POP Idol Producer

K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets) is an engaging and exciting game that puts you in the role of a music producer and manager of K-POP stars. You will embark on a creative journey where you can build and manage your career, create famous groups and bring idols to the top. You will become a talented music producer tasked with developing idols and making their top stars. You will be responsible for recruiting members, training and developing musical talent, and designing the visuals and careers of your artists.

Music group producer

You will be involved in selecting members for your group. From hundreds of potential idols, you have to choose talented individuals with the potential to grow and create the perfect match for each other. Each member has unique characteristics and abilities, and choosing the right member will affect the team’s success. After recruiting members, you will take on the role of coach and trainer. You must develop a suitable training plan that helps the members develop their musical, dance, and visual skills. You can enhance your group’s abilities and prepare for performance activities through practice sessions.

Designing the group’s image and career is very important as a group producer. You can choose the group’s outfit, style, and image to stand out and be creative. In addition, you also have to manage the schedule of activities, advertisements, and events to create the spread and success of the group. To build and maintain a band, you need to manage finances and sign contracts. You must consider the group’s investments, performance, advertising, and production income to ensure the growth and stability of your musical career.

Selection of trainees

Before selecting an intern, you will be involved in finding and discovering potential candidates. You can look through the interns’ profiles, videos, and actual demos here. Please pay attention to their talents, looks, passions, and acting abilities to choose the ones that fit your goals and style. You will be a coach and trainer once you have selected the desired interns. You will evaluate and develop the intern’s musical, dance, visual, and other skills. You will help them become confident and prepare for advancement opportunities in the music industry through training sessions and artistic activities.

During the trainee selection process, you also have the task of building the right lineup. It would be best if you considered combining individuals with similar abilities or complementing each other. Building a diverse and balanced lineup will create good conditions for the trainees to support and develop each other. Participate in challenges and competitions: In K-POP Idol Producer, you will participate in challenges and contests to evaluate and measure the trainees’ progress. This is an opportunity for them to showcase their talents and score points in the public eye.

Construction and decoration

Building a management company in K-POP Idol Producer APK, you will start by making your own music management company. You can create a professional and enjoyable work environment for your employees and artists by choosing the location and architecture. You are laying a solid foundation for the company’s growth and success. The practice room is where your trainees and band do practice and practice sessions. You can customize this space with music fixtures, mirrors, lights, and more. Create an excellent environment to perform music and dance exercises. When your band is ready to serve, you can decorate the performance stage. You can create unique and unforgettable stages for group performances, from lighting, sound, and visuals to interactive systems. Use style, themes, and creative elements to capture your audience’s attention. Besides workspaces, you can decorate and customize artists’ apartments and resorts. Create a private and comfortable space for them to rest, relax and be creative. From furniture and decorations to landscaping, you can express the styles and preferences of artists in decorating their spaces.

Topping the charts

It would be best if you released quality music to achieve success and report high in the charts. You can be involved in the music production process, from song selection to production, recording, and post-production. Make sure your music is creative, engaging, and fits the style and direction of the band. Stage performances are an opportunity to affirm talent and attract audience attention. It would be best if you organized unique, attractive, and professional shows. Prepare for dance performances, visuals, and audience interactions to create a memorable experience. Participate in promotional activities and events.

You must participate in promotional activities and events to build your name and increase your group’s awareness in K-POP Idol Producer APK mod. This may include partnering with brands and appearing on TV shows and special events. You must carefully manage and execute these activities to attract attention and create a positive image for the group. Fans play an important role in reaching the top of the rankings. It would be best if you created a close connection and interaction with your fans through online and offline activities.

Build your own K-POP empire in K-POP Idol Producer

With K-POP Idol Producer APK 1.97, you will enter a challenging and emotional adventure in the mystical music world of K-POP. Show your talent and creativity, build a multi-talented group, and bring your idols to the top. Through member selection, training, and visual design, you will become a top producer alongside famous K-POP stars. Prepare for excitement and passion, for the world of K-POP will open up before your eyes. Get ready to conquer the pinnacle of the music industry and become a respected producer in K-POP Idol Producer. Discover and experience a K-POP star’s vibrant and sparkling life in K-POP Idol Producer MOD APK!

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