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NameLighting Calculations
PublisherEttore Gallina
Version5.4.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedJanuary 22, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Introduce about MOD APK of Lighting Calculations

Are you looking for a powerful, convenient tool for accurate and efficient lighting calculations? Welcome to the Lighting Calculations app! With advanced technology and intelligent features, this application will become your trusted companion in lighting calculations and design.

Lighting Calculations MOD APK is an incredible tool for design professionals, architects, engineers, and anyone interested in optimizing lighting in living and working spaces. This application offers various features and powerful tools to help you achieve the best results.

Accurate calculation of light

With Lighting Calculations, you can calculate the correct lighting level, lamp ratio, and light distribution. The app provides various advanced calculation formulas, including calculation methods such as Luminous Power, Light Intensity, Reflectance, Projection Angle, and many more. This allows you to customize and calibrate the lighting parameters for optimal results for your lighting space.

In addition to calculations, Lighting Calculations also provides graphical simulation to see the results of lighting changes visually. You can create histograms and graphs, change lighting parameters such as color, beam angle, and lamp efficiency, and preview simulation results on your screen. This helps you intuitively and accurately evaluate and adjust lighting settings.

Lighting Calculations not only help you calculate the correct lighting but also ensure you achieve your design and lighting goals. You can quickly and easily perform calculations and customize the lighting to your liking, ensuring that every lighted space meets the proper lighting needs and standards.


Lighting Calculations allows you to convert between popular units like Lux, Lumen, Candela, Foot-candle, and many more. This helps you synchronize lighting information between different tools and utilities, ensuring you can work with the correct and understandable unit for any situation.

In addition to unit conversion, Lighting Calculations provides the ability to work with different light formats such as natural light (Natural Light), artificial light (Artificial Light), color light (Color Light), and more. This allows you to calculate and design lighting based on specific factors and tailor the results to suit your goals and requirements.

All lighting transitions and setups in Lighting Calculations are done easily and quickly. The intuitive interface and tools help you switch and adjust the lighting parameters to your liking in just a few easy steps. You can immediately see the conversion results on the screen and re-adjust if necessary.


This application provides a collection of advanced light calculation formulas and methods. You can learn and use formulas like Luminous Power, Light Intensity, Reflectance, and Opacity. These essential tools help you accurately calculate the lighting parameters and meet the project’s requirements.

In addition, Lighting Calculations provides a library of standard light sources, including information about lamps, LEDs, floodlights, spotlights, and more. You can learn about the technical characteristics of each lamp, including efficiency, color, beam angle, and power consumption. This helps you select and apply the right light source for your project’s purpose and requirements.

Lighting Calculations MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) on MODAPKOK provides detailed lighting references, articles, and tutorials. You can learn about lighting principles, design rules, standards, and optimization methods. All these materials help you improve your knowledge and skills in the lighting field, gradually developing into a trusted lighting professional.

Useful forms

Lighting Calculations provides project forms, allowing you to create and manage information about your lighting projects. You can record information about the project name, location, description, start and end dates, and related notes. This helps you organize and track lighting projects clearly and structured.

In addition, Lighting Calculations provides lighting calculation forms, allowing you to document the results of your calculations and simulations. You can record information about lamp parameters, calculation results, achieved fair values, and other relevant observations. This helps you track calculations, store vital information, and evaluate light results in detail and evidence.

Lighting Calculations offers lighting assessment forms that help you evaluate lighting performance in specific spaces. You can record information about the area, soft target, performance rating, and light distribution. This helps you evaluate and compare lighting results across different spaces and ensures that lighting goals are achieved for each space.

Discover the power of the Lighting Calculations app

With Lighting Calculations 5.4.6, lighting calculations and design have never been more straightforward. This application provides accuracy and efficiency and opens the door to creativity and innovative spirit in creating unique light spaces. Don’t waste too much time and effort in lighting calculations; trust Lighting Calculations and experience a perfect companion for your success in lighting.

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