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NameMy Hotpot Story
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UpdatedFebruary 20, 2024 (23 hours ago)

Introduce about MOD APK of My Hotpot Story

Start challenging your ability to run a hot pot restaurant in My Hotpot Story MOD APK. You will become a high-level chef and master the kitchen of the old diner. At that time, there was a hot pot dish, and you were the leading operator making this dish. You know the potential of hot pot and decide to open a hotpot shop to let everyone taste it. And that will be a successful choice when your hot pot restaurant attracts many guests. However, it is a long journey, and you want your hot pot to be known to everyone. Open a diner in ancient times and use your talents to create delicious hotpots.

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Back in ancient times

Ancient times are a time that has passed, and many people will want to return to explore. And that is even more the desire of many chefs when they want to learn about ancient dishes. But you are lucky to have the opportunity to return to ancient times and start exploring. You are also a chef, and many modern words are in your mind. And when you return to ancient times, you will be shown your ability to cook for people. You will open a restaurant that has a combination of modern dishes and old ones. That is what makes the restaurant successful, and you will decide that.

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Start cooking

You are a modern chef and have the opportunity to go back to ancient times to discover. Not everyone gets this opportunity, especially when you return to the cooking period. It was when restaurants were constantly built, and success depended on the chef. And with your ability, you will confidently make your restaurant the most successful. You will use modern cooking knowledge and combine it with hot pot shops of the past. However, it would be best to familiarise yourself with the circumstances and diverse cuisines of the ancients. Become a modern kitchen and return to medieval times to start your cooking career.

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Building a hot pot restaurant

The place you go back to in the past is a hot pot restaurant that is falling into a loss. And you decide to buy this hot pot restaurant and start your own business. You will be a hotpot restaurant owner and responsible for developing dishes for everyone. But first, you must repair the hot pot shop and improve this place to become more complete. What is left of the old hot pot restaurant must be cleaned up, and you will change the whole area. You can also use undamaged items and rearrange the tables inside the hot pot restaurant. Show your ability to build a restaurant and prepare for your hot pot operation plan.

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Cooking ingredients

You decide the restaurant where you cook will become a hot pot restaurant serving everyone. And in this ancient world, you must familiarize yourself with many ingredients to start cooking. You get the knowledge of a modern chef and can combine them. But to do that, you must understand the ingredients you use to cook a hot pot. They are all condiments that make you create a variety of hotpots with different flavours. And the more dishes you cook, the more delicious dishes your diners will enjoy. Learn and use ancient cooking ingredients in your delicious hot pot dishes.

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Kitchen job

When your hot pot restaurant has completed its repair and operation, you will welcome the first guests. They will give you a list of dishes you enjoy and need to cook for them. But when you start to cook, you must complete all the work in your hot pot shop. You will record the dishes customers want and cook the words yourself. And you will also be the one to serve your guests the dishes you cook. Finally, clearing the tables after diners enjoy the food would be best. Start your duty as a chef and serve your customers at the hot pot restaurant in My Hotpot Story MOD APK.

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Upgrading the hot pot restaurant

Your hot pot restaurant will constantly grow, and you need upgrades to expand your business. You can replace the old furniture sets and replace them with stronger ones. Or you can improve the interior of the hot pot restaurant by buying more decorations. But along with upgrading the hot pot restaurant, you need to upgrade the cooking quality. Your hot pot restaurant upgrades will attract customers who come to your hot pot restaurant. And that will make your hot pot restaurant business even more profitable. Renovate and upgrade your hot pot restaurant to make your business more convenient.

My Hotpot Story mod apk free

Support staff

You cannot afford to run a hotpot restaurant alone when it becomes developed. Upgrading the hot pot restaurant makes you attract more diners to taste the food. So it would be best to find the support staff to run your hot pot shop smoothly. They will help you greet diners and record the dishes they wish to be served. The team will also help you make hot pot upgrades so you can focus on cooking. And with their help, running your hotpot restaurant will also become more accessible and professional. Find staff to support hotpot restaurants to realize your goal of developing a hotpot restaurant.

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Developing restaurants

The growth of your hotpot restaurant is a good sign for you to continue with your plans to create restaurants. This will be where you manage your hotpot restaurants and grow to a larger scale. You can order hot pot dishes with different flavours at hot pot restaurants. This not only helps your diners enjoy a variety of hot pot dishes. You can also show off talented chefs’ hot pot cooking skills through your hot pot shops. And the expansion of many hotpot restaurants will help you collect a lot of profit from the business. Continue to manage the creation of dishes and start expanding your different hotpot restaurants.

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You will experience the challenge of restaurant management specializing in cooking dishes for customers. And you will start your day job as a chef by owning a hot pot restaurant. This will be the place where you enjoy the feeling of being the boss and cooking dishes for diners. However, you will start operating the restaurant alone before hiring the staff. The support staff will help you manage the hot pot restaurant as you develop and upgrade. And with their help, you will continuously develop different hotpot restaurants. Download My Hotpot Story MOD APK to create your own hotpot restaurant management story.

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