3D 3D MOD APK (Menu, God Mode/Dumb Enemy) 3.2.2

Info 3D MOD APK (Menu, God Mode/Dumb Enemy)

Version3.2.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, God Mode/Dumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedFebruary 20, 2024 (1 week ago) 3D MOD APK 3D MOD APK 3D MOD APK 3D MOD APK 3D MOD APK 3D MOD APK 6

Introduce about MOD APK of 3D 3D MOD APK (Menu, God Mode/Dumb Enemy) is a free online game, one of the leading game makers on the mobile game market today. The game was released in June 2021 for iOS and Android platforms. 3D is a fun and exciting game in which the player will control a pencil and try to occupy as much rectangular space as possible on the map. The game has many different levels; each level will be more challenging and competitive. 3D gives players exciting experiences and great entertainment. The game features single-player or online multiplayer, allowing players to connect and compete with other players worldwide.


One of the attractions of 3D is the variety of colors in the game. Players can choose one of their favorite colors to adorn their pencils. The game has a lot of diverse and vibrant colors for players to choose from, from primary colors like red, blue, and yellow to more complex colors like orange, purple, pink, and many other colors. Each player can choose their pencil color to match their style or to express their personality. In addition, having many colors in the game also helps players easily distinguish between the lands they have occupied and the lands of their opponents, assisting the players in strengthening their strategy and defeating their opponents quickly. Easier way.

Unique gameplay

The gameplay of 3D APK has unique characteristics that make it different from other games on the market. First of all, that’s how the player controls the pencil. In the game, the player controls the pencil by moving on the map and drawing straight lines to occupy the land. However, players must be careful because if the line they draw is blocked or collides with the opponent’s pencil, they will be out of the game. 3D also has attractive game modes such as single-player or online multiplayer. With the single-player mode, players will go head-to-head against the computer. In contrast, the online multiplayer mode will allow players to connect and play against other players worldwide. Finally, the game also has different levels, with each group adding other challenges and competition, helping players always have new and exciting experiences when playing this game.

Competition between players 3D APK mod is an online game, so competition between players is an essential and attractive factor. Players must compete with other players to occupy more areas on the map when participating. When a player occupies a new land, they increase their score and, at the same time, decrease the opponent’s area. Players can attack each other by drawing lines and blocking each other’s path, knocking the opponent out of the game. This helps to create tension and intrigue in the game, as players need to balance between occupying the land and dealing with competitors. The game also has a leaderboard to display the scores of the players, helping them see where they stand in the race for rankings. Competing for a high position on the leaderboard is a great motivation for players to try to play better, increasing the attractiveness and competition in the game.

Experience the race to occupy the land with 3D

In 3D APK 3.2.2, players will be tested on their strategic thinking and agility to win the race to occupy the land. Diverse game modes and competitive leaderboards also add to the challenge and fun of the game.

In drawing and expanding your territory, you need to avoid colliding with other players’ borders because if you are stopped, you will be eliminated from the game and lose all your progress. This creates an exciting element of tension and competition, as you must balance between expanding rapidly and defending your current territory.

Another notable point of 3D is the way the game promotes strategy. You can choose between attacking other players to cut them off from your territory or focusing on safely expanding your territory. This choice of strategy creates variety in gameplay and also keeps the game interesting. Try 3D MOD APK and enjoy moments of great entertainment with friends and players around the world.

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