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Updated September 29, 2023 (4 days ago)

Info Plus Messenger MOD APK (Optimize)

NamePlus Messenger
Version10.1.1.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesOptimize
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
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Introduce about MOD APK of Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger MOD APK is a famous messaging application developed on the Telegram platform with many useful and convenient features. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Plus Messenger is an excellent choice for Telegram users looking for an application that extends the functionality and optimizes the user experience.

Customize the perfect chat with separate tabs

Messenger allows users to customize their chats more flexibly and efficiently than ever before. One of Plus Messenger’s most advanced features is the presence of separate tabs for chats.

These tabs allow users to view all the chats stored in their account, categorizing them by list, group, or channel. Users can move between tabs easily and quickly to find the conversations they want to see.

In addition, Plus Messenger also gives users the option to create separate tabs or add new accounts to the list, helping them customize the chats in their way. This allows users better manage their conversations and save time searching for the necessary information. So the separate tabs feature is an outstanding benefit of Plus Messenger over other messaging apps.

Instructions for using the Multiple Accounts feature

In particular, the Multiple Accounts feature allows users to log in and manage multiple Telegram accounts on the same device quickly and conveniently.

This article will detail how to use the Multiple Accounts features on Plus Messenger. You will be guided on how to quickly add, remove and switch between Telegram accounts on Plus Messenger. In addition, we will also introduce other useful Plus Messenger features to help you get the most out of it. So stay tuned to the article for more details!

Create custom chat groups

Messenger offers many convenient features that make chatting with friends and family more accessible. In particular, the quality of creating custom chat groups is one of the highlights of Plus Messenger. Users can create private or public chat groups, assign permissions to members, name the group, and even customize the look and feel of the group to suit individual preferences. All these features make group management more accessible and more convenient than ever.

Enjoy maximum chat with 100 pin limit

The 100-pin limit in Plus Messenger APK mod gives users more flexibility and convenience when managing their chats. With the ability to pin more chats, users can easily find and access essential conversations without flipping through pages.

Moreover, this feature also saves users time and effort when searching for essential chats. Just pinning the necessary conversations, users can conveniently access them anytime without searching through long lists.

With the 100-pin limit in Plus Messenger, users will have a better experience using this messaging app. This feature brings convenience and simplifies the conversation management process for users, helping them to enjoy the most conversation and save time.

How to increase the number of favourite stickers to 20

Messenger is an improved and optimized Telegram messaging app with many useful features. In it, users can use stickers to express their emotions and convey their messages in a unique and fun way.

However, the default on Plus Messenger only allows users to store up to 10 favourite stickers. This can make many users uncomfortable with insufficient space to keep their favourite stickers.

Fortunately, on Plus Messenger, users can increase the limit of favourite stickers to 20 by using the “Favorites stickers” feature. This article will detail how to use this feature to increase the limit of favourite stickers on Plus Messenger. You will be shown how to add, remove and manage your favourite sticker list quickly. In addition, we will also introduce some other valuable features of Plus Messenger to help you get the most out of it. So stay tuned to the article for more details!

Customize image quality when sending

Plus, Messenger allows users to customize the quality of photos before sending them. This is useful for those who want to reduce the size of their photos or have a weak internet connection. Users can choose low, medium or high image quality to suit their needs. Moreover, Plus Messenger MOD APK also supports various image formats, including JPEG, PNG and WEBP, making photo sharing more accessible and convenient than ever.

Create unique moments with the ring video feature on the primary camera

This feature allows users to create circular videos using the device’s primary camera on the application’s main screen. Users can add effects, music and text to their videos, creating beautiful and exciting recordings.

With Plus Messenger’s main camera loop video recording, users can create unique moments and share them with friends. This feature is exciting and especially suitable for those who love creativity and want to share their unique experiences.

Messenger gives users a unique and enjoyable experience with loop video recording on the primary camera. This feature allows users customization and creativity when creating circular videos, helping them create unique and impressive recordings.

How to quickly switch between chats

Users often have to switch between chats to exchange information with friends or colleagues during use. This can make it difficult for users to navigate multiple pages to find and switch between conversations.

However, users can quickly and conveniently switch between chats on the quick bar feature on Plus Messenger. The quick bar is a vertical bar on the screen’s left side that shows all the user’s open talks. With this feature, users need to touch the conversation name they want to convert, and the application will automatically open that conversation.

In this article, we will detail how to use the quick bar feature to switch between chats on Plus Messenger quickly. You will be taught how to customize and manage your swift bar dynamically for a better experience using the app. In addition, we will also introduce some other valuable features of Plus Messenger to help you get the most out of it. So stay tuned to the article for more details!

Variety of bubbles and check out custom designs

Plus, Messenger offers 10+ different bubble styles to customize to make your chats fun and unique. You can change the colour, size, font style, and even the transparency of the bubble. In addition, design inspection allows you to preview changes to your user interface before applying them. This will help you create more unique and personal chats.

Change the display of the phone number to the username on the navigation menu

In the Plus Messenger messaging app, users can see a list of their contacts in the navigation menu. However, by default, this list will show the contact’s mobile phone number instead of the username. This can make it challenging to find and identify your contacts.

However, with this new feature of Plus Messenger, users can change how the contact list is displayed from phone number to username. This makes it easier for users to identify their contacts while creating convenience and convenience for users.

Displaying usernames instead of phone numbers helps users avoid confusion when sending messages or contacting contacts in the list. This gives users a more accessible experience using the Plus Messenger messaging app.

With the feature of displaying usernames instead of phone numbers in the navigation menu, Plus Messenger gives users a convenient and convenient feature. This feature makes it easy for users to search and identify their contacts and avoid confusion when sending messages or communications.

Use emojis on your phone

This feature lets users use emojis to express their feelings in the chat. Plus, Messenger provides an extensive collection of diverse and rich emoticons, helping users to choose and use as they like.

To use the emoji feature on Plus Messenger, users need to turn on the virtual keyboard and tap the emoji on the right side of the keyboard. The user can then select the emoji they want to use and send it in the chat.

In this article, we will detail how to use the emoji feature on Plus Messenger. You will be shown how to customize and use Plus Messenger’s diverse collection of emojis effectively. In addition, we will also introduce some more features of Plus Messenger MOD APK (Optimize) on MODAPKOK to help you get the most out of it. So stay tuned to the article for more details!

Save and restore settings

Plus, Messenger allows users to save their settings and settings, including preferences for appearance, sound, notifications, message display, and more. This makes it easy for users to switch to another device or restore settings on the same device after reinstalling the app. The grounds are stored in the file and can be fixed anytime.

Explore the convenient Chat Desk feature

Chat counters are a new feature of the Plus Messenger messaging app, allowing users to create a shared chat space between themselves and other group members. This feature provides users with a pleasant and convenient experience when chatting with a large group.

Using the Chat Counter, users can create a private chat room, customize the room name, theme and invite other members to join. This feature also allows users to manage and view a list of members and can delete members or suspend connection with a specific member.

In addition, the Chat Bar feature allows users to share content with other chat room members, including files, images, and videos. This feature makes it easier than ever to exchange information and ideas.

With the Chat Desk feature, Plus Messenger users can create a common chat space among group members, making it easier to exchange information and ideas. This feature is a huge boon for businesses and organizations, especially in managing projects or exchanging information between team members.

Optimize chat experience

Messenger is an optimized and improved messaging application with many helpful user features. From increasing the limit of favourite stickers to 20, quickly switching between chats via the quick bar, to using emojis on the phone, Plus Messenger gives users a better chat experience and is more convenient.

With the continuous development and improvement of Plus Messenger, we promise more exciting features in the future. If you want a full-featured and convenient messaging app, Plus Messenger APK is a great choice.

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