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Restaurant Story MOD APK (Free Shopping/Rewards) 1.1.0

Info Restaurant Story MOD APK (Free Shopping/Rewards)

NameRestaurant Story
PublisherBeyond the game
Version1.1.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping/Rewards
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedFebruary 21, 2024 (7 hours ago)
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Introduce about MOD APK of Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story MOD APK (Free Shopping/Rewards) is a restaurant management simulation game, the player will be a restaurant owner and must manage and build a restaurant from scratch. Players must create delicious and attractive dishes, serve customers and collect money to upgrade their restaurant. Players can expand their restaurants, hire staff and buy furniture to enrich their restaurants. The game also offers many events and quests to gain rewards and experience more variety. Restaurant Story is a free-to-play game but features in-game purchases to purchase new furniture, dishes, and other features to help the player progress faster.

Make food

Players can create dishes by choosing from a list of ingredients and using their kitchen to make them. Players can expand the list of words by unlocking new recipes and ingredients. The dishes in the game are divided into different categories, including main dishes, desserts, drinks, and others. Each type of dish can be leveled, and players can upgrade their kitchen to prepare more complex dishes.

When customers come to the player’s restaurant, they will order food, and the player must prepare and serve them as requested. If the dish is well prepared and meets the customer’s requirements, they will pay and accumulate points for the player’s restaurant. From there, players can use the money to upgrade their restaurant, buy new furniture or expand the restaurant to attract more customers and increase revenue.

Customer service

Serving customers is an integral part of the Restaurant Story. When customers come to the player’s restaurant, they will ask to be served food and drinks. Players must choose suitable dishes and beverages and process them to meet the customers’ needs.

To serve customers well, players must ensure that their restaurant is always clean and quickly responds to customer requests. If a player does not serve customers well, customers may not pay or even rate the player’s restaurant low, resulting in lost customers and reduced revenue. Players can create unique dishes to attract customers to their restaurant. These special dishes will bring a lot of accumulated points and money to the player’s restaurant if the customer is satisfied.

Serving customers is an essential part of the Restaurant Story game, and players need to ensure that their restaurant is always clean, professional and meets the needs of customers to attract and customer retention.

Restaurant design

Players can design and decorate their restaurant. Players can purchase new furniture, update the restaurant’s design, and create new spaces to attract customers. Players can choose from various decorative items to design the restaurant, including tables and chairs, lamps, murals, and more. Players can choose multiple styles and colors to create an exciting and unique dining space.

Players can also expand their restaurants to create more space to serve customers. This helps to attract more customers and increase the restaurant’s revenue. Restaurant design is an integral part of the Restaurant Story game, and players must have a creative vision to create an impressive and unique space to attract customers.

Job management

Players Restaurant Story APK 1.1.0 can manage their restaurant business by selecting and preparing dishes and drinks, creating unique dishes to attract customers, updating the restaurant’s design, and serving guests. products professionally. Player can order the restaurant’s finances. Players can control costs by choosing the correct prices for food and drinks, working expenses to expand and improve their restaurants, and increasing revenue by attracting new customers and retaining them existing customers. Players can create promotions to attract customers and increase sales. Upgrades can include discounts, rewards, freebies, and more. Managing the restaurant business is essential to the Restaurant Story game. The player needs to be able to manage finances and be creative to increase the restaurant’s revenue.

Exciting experience

Restaurant Story for gamers who love the culinary field. With many attractive features, such as restaurant design, food preparation, customer service, and financial management, this game will give you a realistic and emotional experience. You will be free to create, manage and grow your restaurant to become a successful chef and entrepreneur. Now, download and experience the exciting culinary world in Restaurant Story MOD APK.

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