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Robot Evolutions MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) 0.9

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NameRobot Evolutions
PublisherArarat Games
Version0.9 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 2, 2023 (3 months ago)
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Introduce about MOD APK of Robot Evolutions

Robot Evolutions MOD APK is a cross-platform strategy game, the player will play the role of a scientist researching and creating different types of robots. The player aims to develop and upgrade his robots byby creating and modifying parts, gathering resources, and conducting scientific research. Robot Evolutions has a play structure like a “puzzle board” – players will have to perform tasks to progress to the following game levels.

Each robot in the game has a unique assortment of materials, parts, and abilities, allowing the player to customize them to suit their strategy and playing style. In addition, players can also combine robots to create new, more powerful robots.

Robot fighting

Robot combat is one of the standout features of the game. In this mode, players can use their robots to combat other opponents. The player aims to destroy all the opponent’s robots to win. The player can choose the robots to use in the match and arrange them into a squad. Each robot has a different weapon and special skills, allowing players to choose the right strategy to defeat opponents. In addition, players can also enhance their robots by upgrading parts and weapons, creating more powerful robot warriors.

Lots different types of arenas

That’s right; in Robot Evolutions MOD APK’s Robot Fight, players will experience many different types of arenas, each offering a unique and different challenge.

Types of arenas include:

Primary Arena: this is the first type players will encounter when they start playing. This is the ideal place for players to practice their fighting skills and strengthen their robots.

Ice Arena: This type of Arena has a frozen surface, which makes the robot move slower and more challenging to balance.

Fire Arena: This type has a fire-filled surface, causing the robot to burn if it stands for too long on this surface.

Swamp Arena: This type has a swampy surface, making it more difficult for the robot to move around and submerge in the mud.

Shadow Arena: This type of Arena has low light, making it possible for the player’s robot to see opponents only when the opponent is close.

Space Arena: This type of Arena is in an infinite space, making it possible for robots to be ejected from the stArenadium if thrown too far.

With many different types of arenas, Robot Evolutions Robot Battle offers players diverse and engaging experiences.

Multiple combat power modes

The combat power modes include:

Single mode: the player only uses one robot to fight in this mode. The goal is to destroy all the opponent’s robots immediately.

Team mode: players will join a team to fight with the opposing team. The goal is to destroy all robots of the opposing team in the shortest time possible.

Survival mode: in this mode, the player will face many consecutive attacks from rival robots. The goal is to survive for as long as possible.

Defender mode: the player must defend his base against the opponent’s attack. The goal is to destroy all of the opponent’s robots before they destroy the player’s base.

With many different combat power modes, players can experience and test their skills in different situations.

Boss Level

The Boss level is a battle with a mighty robot, usually the ultimate opponent of each region in the game. This robot is competent, often one of the most robust in the game.

To defeat the Boss, the player must have a good strategy, use the right weapons and equipment, and know how to exploit the robot’s weakness. Often, defeating the Boss takes the player to the next level and unlocks new game features. Boss levels are an essential part of Robot Evolutions; they are challenging players and is necessary for them to be enjoyable.

Be a Robot developer in the MakerBot Evolutions game

Players will participate in a world of robots with many exciting features and challenges. The game offers players many options and customizations for their robots, various battle power modes and challenging Boss levels.

With its variety and attractiveness, Robot Evolutions is an exciting game for those who love the robot and fighting game genre. If you want to become a robot developer and try your hand at dramatic matches, try playing Robot Evolutions MOD APK today!

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