Hack ROBOTS MOD APK (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked) 1.3.1

Updated July 3, 2023 (3 months ago)

Info ROBOTS MOD APK (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked)

PublisherFourpointfive Interactive
Version1.3.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/All Unlocked
SupportAndroid 2.3
Price FREE
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Introduce about MOD APK of ROBOTS

ROBOTS MOD APK on MODAPKOK is a beautiful action role-playing game developed by the talented game production team of Swift Apps LTD. In the game, the player will be a robot operator, participating in dramatic matches between other robots. ROBOTS gives players an exciting game experience.

Use different weapons

Players can use a variety of weapons to fight the opponent robots. These include traditional weapons like machine guns and more modern weapons like rocket launchers. In addition, players can also upgrade their weapons to increase their strength and combat ability. Each weapon has advantages and limitations; players must choose the right weapon for each battle to achieve the highest efficiency.

One of the most popular weapons in ROBOTS is the gun. There are different types of firearms, from pistols to machine guns, arrow launchers, and laser guns. Each type of gun has its characteristics, such as range, accuracy, and damage dealt with. Players can choose a weapon that suits their fighting style, for example, using a machine gun to attack from a distance or a pistol to deal massive damage up close.

In addition, ROBOT also provides other weapons such as knives, electric whips, and cannons. Each type of weapon has different uses and effects. For example, knives can attack close and deal significant damage, while electric whips can attack from a distance, allowing the player to control the opponent.


Leo is a character in ROBOTS, a famous game with attractive gameplay. Leo is built as a robot with a height of about 1.8 meters; the frame is light and sturdy alloy. With a robust appearance and outstanding strength, Leo is one of the most popular characters in this game.

When participating in playing ROBOTS Mod, players can use Leo to participate in dramatic matches and confront other opponents. With his versatile strength and speed, Leo is one of the most formidable fighting characters in the game. Leo can become an ultimate weapon or a reliable defensive warrior depending on the use and configuration of equipment.

Leo appeared among the top characters in the ROBOTS ranking thanks to his unique skills and powers. With an impressive score and achievements, Leo has conquered many players and become one of the admirable icons of the game. It can be said that Leo is one of the indispensable characters in the world of ROBOTS and always brings dramatic and exciting matches to players.

Small customizations

Players can customize some minor details of their robot to create a perfect robot. These minor customizations include:

Customize the shape and size of the robot: Players can change the shape and size of their robot to create a unique and different robot.

Customize the colour of the robot: Players can change the colour of their robot to create a robot with a unique and attractive colour.

Customize Weapons and Accessories: Players can customize their robot’s weapons and accessories, including guns, knives, armour, and other boosters.

Custom Tactics: Players can customize the robot’s tactics in battle, including attack, defence, deception and cross-attack tactics.

Customize robot abilities: Players can customize the robot’s capabilities, including speed, strength, stamina, and the ability to attack from a distance.

All these little customizations help the player create a unique robot that suits his fighting style. With this variety and flexibility, Hack ROBOTS APK is a beautiful game for action and robot game lovers.

Two maps

ROBOTS game has two main maps, including:

Stadium map: This map is designed with a large stadium, including many obstacles and equipment to help players play the game flexibly. The barriers include explosive arrows, nail traps, and movable walls, creating a challenging environment for the player.

City Map: This map is designed with a modern city in mind, covering various areas, from commercial centres to industrial zones. Players can take advantage of these areas to attack or hide from enemies. This map also features many obstacles and equipment, including skyscrapers, bunkers and tunnels.

Both maps are designed to be very realistic and detailed. They provide a challenging environment and are suitable for many tactics. Players can use these maps to create dramatic and exciting matches in the ROBOTS APK mod (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked).

Become the top sniper in ROBOTS

Players must have a combination of skill and strategy to become a top sniper in the ROBOTS MOD APK game. First, players must control the character and weapon accurately, including range, accuracy and damage.

To enhance the gunner’s ability, players can choose weapons that suit their fighting style, such as pistols or machine guns to attack from a distance or knives to deal massive damage at close range. Close. In addition, players also need to master skills such as dodging bullets, avoiding attacks and using walls to cover.

However, players must be creative and use diverse tactics to become top sharpshooters. For example, players can use evasive screens to surprise attacks from behind opponents or use special weapons to deal massive damage.

Finally, to become a top marksman, players must practice their skills and focus on improving themselves. Constant practice and learning new tactics and weapons will help players progress and become the best marksman in ROBOTS MOD Unlimited Money.

How to Download & Install ROBOTS Hack APK (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked) 1.3.1 for Android 2023

You just need to click the Download button to select ROBOTS MOD APK you want to download. Then wait and install it to experience MOD version ROBOTS Hack APK (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked) 1.3.1.

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