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Scary Neighbour MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) 0.4.5

Updated June 29, 2023 (5 months ago)

Info Scary Neighbour MOD APK (Dumb Enemy)

NameScary Neighbour
PublisherABI Global LTD
Version0.4.5 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
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Introduce about MOD APK of Scary Neighborhood

Scary Neighbor MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) is a survival adventure fantasy horror game. In the game, the player plays the role of a character named Bob, who has moved to a new neighbourhood and discovers that his Neighbor has dark secrets and acts bizarrely.

The player’s task is to learn those secrets and escape that horror neighbour’s house while dodging obstacles and solving puzzles to find a way out. In the game, players will have to use their skills to hide, hide and collect the necessary items to move forward.

Scary Neighborhood on MODAPKOK gives players a horror and suspense experience. This game has become one of the most popular horror games on the market and has attracted the interest of many players worldwide.

Neighbours teasing

“Troll the Neighbor” (aka “Troll the Neighbor”) is a game mode in Scary Neighbour where players can take actions to make their neighbours wild and boosted.

Players must steal, destroy objects, make noise, or steal horror neighbours in this mode. When a player’s neighbours feel harassed, they will go wild and start looking for the player to take revenge.

In addition, when completing missions in this mode, players will receive bonus points to unlock items and improve the character’s abilities.

However, teasing the Neighbor can also have severe consequences for the player, including getting arrested and falling victim to the horror neighbour. Therefore, players must think carefully before acting in “Tease Neighbors” mode.

Don’t get caught

“Don’t Get Caught” (aka “Don’t Get Caught”) is one of the tough challenges in the game Scary Neighbor, where the player must find a way to avoid being caught when entering the horror house of the restaurant.

In this challenge, the player will have to control his character through different rooms in the house, staying away from the horror neighbour looking for and trying to find the paths to keep moving forward.

However, moving too fast or making noise can cause neighbours to detect and arrest the player. When caught, the player will be returned to the original position and must start from the beginning.

The “Don’t get caught” challenge is a part of Scary Neighbour Mod where players can challenge themselves and improve their skills to overcome barriers and escape the Neighbor’s horror house.

Troubled dog

“The Troubled Dog” (aka “A Dog’s Life”) is one of the exciting stories in Scary Neighbour MOD APK (Dumb Enemy), about a dog named Rover who lives in the Neighbor’s horror house.

In this story, players will play the role of Rover and perform tasks such as finding food, avoiding horror neighbours, and rescuing other dogs trapped in the house.

However, controlling the dog can be more complex than preventing the human character. The dog may also be attacked by other wild animals and face obstacles in the house.

The story “The Troubled Dog” offers a new and exciting perspective in the game Scary Neighbor, allowing the player to experience a dog’s life in a horror environment and must find a way to survive in extreme situations.

Chase in the garden

“Garden Chase” (aka “Garden Chase”) is one of the exciting challenges in Scary Neighbour mod (Dumb Enemy) 0.4.5, where the player must run away and avoid horror neighbours in a garden full of obstacles.

In this challenge, players will control their character to move through the passages full of obstacles, stay away from warning stations, and face different traps and challenges to keep moving forward.

Horror neighbours will always chase the player, trying to capture and prevent them from advancing. Players must move quickly and perform flexible avoidance movements to avoid being caught.

The “Garden Chase” challenge offers players a stimulating and nerve-wracking experience, as they must dodge horror neighbours and win chases across a garden full of obstacles.

Character costume

Character costumes are essential to games, and Scary Neighborhood is no exception. This game offers different outfit options for players to choose and change according to their preferences.

Scary Neighbor’s character costumes often involve horror themes, including skull-patterned suits, spooky capes, demon face masks, and dirty and tattered clothes. Depending on the horror level of the game, there can be even scarier costumes.

However, the character costumes in Scary Neighbour APK has an aesthetic purpose and a functional effect. For example, some outfits will help players avoid the attention of horror neighbours, while others can help players overcome obstacles in the game more quickly.

Character costumes in Scary Neighbor MOD APK are not only an aesthetic part but also have a functional effect, helping players overcome challenges in the game more efficiently and interestingly.

Discover the feeling of horror

The game features lively sound, and varied gameplay, with many challenges and different character costumes for players. If you are a fan of the horror game genre, try to immerse yourself in the haunting world of Scary Neighbour APK mod (Dumb Enemy) and discover the feeling of horror in adventures full of tension and suspense.

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