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Hack Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance) 10.3.2

Updated September 19, 2023 (1 week ago)

Info Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance)

NameTokyo 7th Sisters
PublisherDonuts Co. Ltd.
Version10.3.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Dance
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
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Introduce about MOD APK of Tokyo 7th Sisters

Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance) on MODAPKOK is a music game from Japan where players will experience the journey to find the pinnacle of talented and beautiful Idol girls. Tokyo 7th Sisters gives players the feeling of being immersed in the world of music and shoulder-to-shoulder with beautiful girls on the way to becoming a girl. Players will be immersed in vibrant songs, participate in performances, and build their careers through many different levels, creating an exciting and challenging experience.

Rhythm game

The rhythm game is designed based on the songs in the game, with diverse and creative guitars, from pop to rock and EDM.

Rhythm games will display icons on the screen and require the player to press at the right time to create beautiful and accurate rhythms. The icons will be moved from top to bottom or from left to right on the screen, requiring players to react quickly and at the right time to achieve the highest score.

The rhythm games in Tokyo 7th Sisters will become more and more difficult as the player progresses to higher levels, with the speed and variety of symbols being increased. However, when players complete rhythm games, they will be rewarded and have the opportunity to participate in important events, helping to build the career of female Idols and become one of the players in the game.

More than 100 songs

Tokyo 7th Sisters Mod has over 100 diverse and rich songs, from popular music genres such as J-pop, rock, and EDM to novel and creative genres. The songs in the game are all professionally produced by talented Japanese music producers, helping to bring players a diverse and innovative musical experience.

Moreover, the songs in the game are performed by the talented and beautiful Idol girls of Tokyo 7th Sisters, ensuring players have the most genuine and vivid emotions when participating in the performances.

The songs in the game are divided into different levels, from easy to complex, allowing players to challenge and improve their skills. In addition, the game Tokyo 7th Sisters also regularly updates with new songs, helping players always have new and challenging experiences.

50 idols

Each of the girls in Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance) has a unique appearance and style of performance. The characters are beautifully designed and diverse in colour, style and personality. In addition, each girl has a unique musical talent, including singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, composing music and mixing music.

The members of Tokyo 7th Sisters include:

Aiba Yumi – naughty and lovely girl with short hair and big round eyes.

Akamine Risa – a vibrant and dynamic girl with a sporty style.

Aoba Moca – playful and friendly girl with big black eyes.

Arisugawa Mikado – cold and calm girl with silver hair.

Domyouji Iku – smart and severe girl with blue eyes.

Hanazono Karin – a charming and beautiful girl with brown hair and sharp eyes.

Hanazono Kyouko – Karin’s older sister, a mature and resilient girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Himekawa Ayumi – gentle and delicate girl with long black hair.

Hino Anzu – a young and dynamic girl with red hair and green eyes.

Ichinose Haruna – talented and intelligent girl with turquoise hair.

Kanzaki Megumi – gentle and smiling girl with brown hair and

1000 episodes

The movie includes many details and rich episodes, which are shown by focusing on each character in Hack Tokyo 7th Sisters APK. Each episode will revolve around a different girl, delving into the psychology and personality of that character and helping the audience better understand their aspirations, ambitions and thoughts.

In addition, the film will also bring creative and unique musical performances, with popular songs from Tokyo 7th Sisters combined with beautiful and delicate visuals. In addition, the details in the film are supplemented by humorous, romantic and dramatic elements, helping to create diversity and attractiveness for the film.

With up to 1000 episodes, Tokyo 7th Sisters is one of Japanese history’s most extended animated series. This shows the passion and determination of the production team to faithfully reproduce the values and spirit of the Tokyo 7th Sisters music game while also hoping to bring the audience moments of entertainment.

Discover your hidden musical abilities in Tokyo 7th Sisters

In Tokyo 7th Sisters, players will have the opportunity to discover and develop their hidden musical abilities through various features and game modes.

First, the “Training” feature in the game allows players to practice and improve their musical skills through various practice exercises. Players can practice the dance, rhythm, or vocals of the characters in the game. This helps players find their weaknesses in the music and improve on them.

In addition, the game’s “Live” mode also allows players to showcase their musical abilities in front of crowds and conquer complex musical challenges. The unique feature of this mode is that the player will have to coordinate the dance, lyrics and music during the performance, helping the player develop both singing and dancing ability.

Finally, the “Story” mode in Tokyo 7th Sisters allows players to explore the game’s creative musical world through emotional stories and rich episodes. Players can learn about the history of the Tokyo 7th Sisters and develop their passion for music.

To sum up, Tokyo 7th Sisters is a great place to discover and develop your hidden musical abilities through various features and game modes. The challenges and opportunities to practice musical skills in the game will help players improve and develop their passion for music in Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD Menu.

How to Download & Install Tokyo 7th Sisters Hack APK (Menu, Auto Dance) 10.3.2 for Android 2023

You just need to click the Download button to select Tokyo 7th Sisters MOD APK you want to download. Then wait and install it to experience MOD version Tokyo 7th Sisters Hack APK (Menu, Auto Dance) 10.3.2.

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